HELLA Aglaia is your global partner for high quality 3D people sensing products and services. We build products that reliably fulfilll the highest requirements at a very competitive price. Expect the highest accuracy, easy installation and advanced features that let you go beyond merely simple people counting . Based on our unique real-time image processing technologies, people can be distinguished from other objects, and tracked continuously through a large area. You can take advantage of innovative applications like hot-spot analysis, queue length measurement and much more.

HELLA Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH

Ullsteinstraße 140
Berlin, 12109, Germany 

phone: +49-30 200 042 9-625
fax: +49-30 200 042 9- 149

email: info@people-sensing.com

More Information about the HELLA Group is available at www.hella.com