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State-of-the-art automatic people counting

HELLA has been shaping and accelerating the innovative development of light and electronics in the automotive market for more than 100 years. Taking advantage of this edge in expertise, we have created a new class of precision in electronic people and passenger counting: the HELLA People Counting

Whether mobile or stationary people countinggHELLA Aglaia is your partner for any type of application

The Automatic People Counter provides innovative technology, the highest counting accuracy and a strong price-performance ratio. While providing data on the actual use and operating grade, the APC People Counter also supports operational planning and the optimal use of your capacities. As a bonus, you get precise accounting and valuable distribution data.

We have been continuously improving our image processing systems to provide customers with sensors optimized to meet new people sensing and passenger counting requirements.

HELLA Automatic People Sensing

The core component of the Automatic People Sensor is a 3-D stereo camera providing integrated image processing and analysis functions. It can be installed near the entrance to a building, at a height of up to six meters, and will precisely evaluate an area of up to eight meters square. For public transport applications the installation of only one sensor per vehicle door is straightforward regardless of the door characteristics. This makes integration into any vehicle easier - be it a new or retrofitted vehicle.

The HELLA People Sensor has been designed especially for use in vehicles or buildings. It works reliably even in tough operating environments (temperature, humidity, vibration). It is generally placed at the entrance of a building or means of transport and will determine the number of people entering and exiting. Special sensor brackets for mounting below the door cladding are available.
An Ethernet interface enables quick and easy data transfer, remote diagnostics and configuration and provides the transmission of data to an on-board computer or an existing network system. Precise data is immediately available for use and generally does not require any error compensation. Additional interfaces such as IBIS, RS485, J1708, as well as programmable I/O interfaces are also available. 

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