People Counter APS-R

People Counter APS-R


Bi-directional Passenger counting

  • Count boarding and alighting passengers with the highest accuracy available in the market (typically better than 98 percent)
  • The APS-R fulfills VDV 457-2 accuracy requirements
  • Up to 10 individual counting lines are possible! Capture separate figures for interior doors, left and right side or upper and lower deck, without the need of additional units

Occupancy monitoring in an area

  • Real-time ridership determination, while eliminating cumulative errors that arise with the classical approach of calculating boarding and alighting differences

Video Recording for count verification

  • Record color VGA video files alongside captured measurement results
  • Upload files automatically to a remote location
  • Recording can be triggered via digital inputs (door contact)
  • Privacy options: Persons are not recognizable on videos

Real-time data

  • Very short latency time of 50ms
  • Suitable for solutions that require an instant event-triggered activity, e.g. the reopening of a door if a passenger approaches

Internal data storage

  • The APS-R can store captured data over long periods of time in its internal memory, and upload data automatically to a remote file server. This enables a temporary offline operation and simplifies product demonstrations

Easy setup and commissioning

  • Automatic determination of mounting angles
  • Automatic determination of the floor profile and ceiling height
  • Intuitive and straight-forward setup of all other parameters via the web user interface
  • Instant full performance - no calibration required!
  • Easy demonstration to the end-user using color videos with synchronized data records


Power Supply 12 V DC .. 24 V DC (nom.)
Protected against short-circuit and inverse polarity
Power consumption

5 W

Ambient temperature

EN 50125-1 class T3

Operation: -25°C to +70°C

Storage: -40°C to +85°C




141 mm x 98 mm x 35 mm


440 g

Ingress protection

IP 65

EMC EN 50121-3-2:2015
EMV 06
Shock and vibration EN 50125-1
IEC 61373 cat. 1, class B
Failure rate

2000 FIT (= MTBF 500.000 h) in a typical railway environment

light sensitivity 3 lx .. 300,000 lx
High Dynamic Range (HDR)
Coverage Ceiling height: 200 cm to 400 cm
Coverable door width: 160 cm to 560 cm
(dependent on height)
Type approvals Railway conformity according to EN 50155
ECE Type approval for road vehicles
CE Declaration of Conformity
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s, full duplex
Communication protocols TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, SOAP/XML, VDV301 (IBIS-IP)
Inputs / outputs 1 programmable digital input,
1 programmable digital output,
optional USB 2.0 port
Door coding 4 Coding jumpers to select 16 individual door configurations
Setup / service Integrated Web interface


For further technical information please refer to the APS-R datasheet.

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