People Counter APC-R-RS485

People Counter APC-R-RS485

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The People Counter APC-R defines a new level of precision in electronic people sensing, with a counting accuracy of 98% - even under difficult conditions. The People Counter APC-R reliably detects the number of people currently present, and those entering or leaving an area e. g. public transport vehicles, buildings or event locations. It fulfills the specific requirements in the rail industry and meets all required standards. The counter’s exceptional quality is a direct result of HELLA’s unique expertise in image processing and 3D-camera technology.

The People Counter APC-R-RS485´s main features:

Bi-directional counting on a definable line (polygon)

  • Variable position of counting lines.
  • Adaptation to on-site requirements

Detection of U-turns

  • No double counting

Door area surveillance

  • Object detection within a user-defined area
  • Static objects (e. g. handrails, steps) do not disrupt monitoring

Door masking

  • Automatic compensation for interference from swinging and sliding doors

Video streaming and recording

  • Recording of video files to external storage media without user intervention
  • Start and stop function via switching input (door contact)
  • No interference with other counting and monitoring functions

Simple startup and maintenance

  • Capacity for pre-configuration of up to 8 setups and detection of installation position using jumpers
Operating nominal voltage 24 V DC
Operating voltage range 9 V to 32 V DC
Power consumption approx. 4 W
Operating temperature -25°C to +70°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C
Ingress protection IP 54 (DIN IEC 60529)
Monitored area 1.90 m to 5.90m width (depending on installation height)
Dimensions 141.4 x 71.5 x 31 mm
Weight approx. 400 g
Housing Ruggedized aluminium housing
Rail conformity EN 50155
EMC ECE type certification (E1) for buses, EN 50121-3-2 for rail
Reliability MTBF 500.000 h
Ethernet 100 MBit/s, M12 socket
Serial Port 2-wire RS485
Communication protocols IBIS-over-IP (similar to VDV-300)
IBIS-over-RS485 (similar to VDV-300)
Customer-specific protocols
Inputs / outputs 1 digital input (door contact), 1 digital output
3 coding jumpers for setup selection
Setup / service Integrated web interface


Feel free to download the datasheet.

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