Navigating the coronavirus pandemic safely with 3D sensors

The COVID-19 crisis poses unprecedented challenges for both retail sector and the corporate world. In order to help comply with the protective measures, we support with high-precision people counting sensors and a strong network of integration partners. And there is more: Thanks to a range of additional features, our sensors also offer long-term benefits in process and resource optimization.

Automated Access Control

Automated people counting is a reliable and efficient method to measure customer frequency in retail. 3D sensors above store entrances and exits register people entering and leaving and thus provide a quick overview of the total number of customers in store – in real time and in compliance with data protection regulations. The intelligent solution includes a 3D-sensor with integrated analysis software. The occupancy level can be issued either by visual or acoustic signal by our partners.

Physical Distancing Alert

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, retailers and corporates need to create an environment that allows to maintain social distancing regulations between customers and that is a safe place to work for employees. Our sensors’ new physical distancing function measures the distances between customers in real time and thus helps to comply with protective measures, e.g. for queues in the checkout area. If necessary, employees will be alerted, or an automatic announcement will be made.

Shopping Cart Detection

Access restrictions can be monitored with the mandatory use of a fixed number of available shopping carts. Registering the actively used shopping carts can replace people counting. Thanks to innovative 3D imaging technology, our sensors reliably detect and count shopping carts and, based on the gathered insights, also allow for an optimization of in-store visitor flows.