The coronavirus pandemic presents an unprecedented challenge for both society and the corporate world. Since April 2020, for example, retailers are required by law to meet strict distance regulations within their shop areas. In addition, maximum occupancy rates must be complied with and proof must be provided on request. Therefore, many stores have employees count visitors at the entrance doors, but manual recording may result in considerable deviations. A more reliable solution is an automatic access control system as offered by HELLA Aglaia, a specialist in the development of high-precision people counting sensors, together with integration partners.

Sensors in the store’s entrance and exit areas register visitors, allowing to count the number of shoppers within the store area in real time. The current occupancy level can be fed to various terminal devices using existing audio, image and signal systems. This eases the workload for employees and increases customer safety at the same time.”In addition to live occupancy monitoring, our products offer numerous functionalities that provide long-term added value for retailers,” says Fritz Lembke, Head of Sales at HELLA Aglaia. “The sensors also analyze customer movements through a store and support more efficient personnel planning or queue forecasting.”

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On our COVID-19 page you can discover all features that help you navigate safely through the pandemic – like our automatic access control solution or a physical distancing alert.