People counting in large retail facilities or in entrance areas of shopping malls, train stations or airports calls for special attention. Thanks to a new firmware update, our APS people counter now come with large-area monitoring capacities to meet this requirement. The new feature allows to combine the overlapping viewing ranges of up to ten devices for a seamless coverage of up to 500 square meters. We will first showcase our counters’ extended capacities at the NRF in New York from January 13 – 15 (booth 331) and at EuroCis (booth A74, hall 10) in Dusseldorf from February 19 – 21, 2019.

In addition to the proven functionalities, the combined people counter go beyond the limitations of a single device viewing range as they allow following customer paths through the entire covered area. Drawing on the collected information, the connected sensors generate a heatmap representing customer’s movements, dwell and waiting times within the monitored area.

The large-area monitoring feature will be available from December 2018 and can be activated via firmware update. The configuration will be carried out automatically. The intuitive device management allows for quick and easy setup of the sensor connections.

Get to know our people sensing technologies in New York City and Dusseldorf– we look forward to welcoming you!