The People Sensing division reports a significant increase in sales and incoming orders at the end of the fiscal year 2019/20 on May 30, 2020, celebrating the most successful business result in company history. A quarter of all devices distributed to date were sold in the past business year. The APS-90, a highly dynamic stereo camera for use in retail spaces, was particularly sought after. The strong increase in demand is linked to the establishment of new distribution partnerships and the heightened need for reliable people counting solutions in the light of the coronavirus pandemic – a challenge to which HELLA Aglaia, together with integration partners, swiftly responded by offering an automated access control system.

Public Transport products: Reliable long-term use

In addition to the substantial growth in the Retail segment, the Public Transport segment also yields positive results. The APS-R and APS-R-POE models for passenger counting are already well established in the public transport market and used by a broad customer base. Last year, the introduction of the APS-B completed a comprehensive upgrade to the second product generation. The predecessor model APC, in addition, continues to operate reliably despite a service life of almost ten years, thus meeting the long-term availability requirements important for this field of application.

Building on a strong network

Fritz Lembke, Head of Sales at HELLA Aglaia, appreciates the trust-based relationships with both customers and partners: “Especially during the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we were able to prove that we can smoothly adjust and support our clients at all times. Thanks to our reliable network of customers and partners, we continue to steadily improve our products and processes to respond to market needs and further new developments.”

Additional information on our product portfolio is available via the Download section of this website or our video database. The People Sensing team is happy to answer any questions you may have.