A firmware update for the APS-B and APS-R (PoE) people sensors is available as of this week. With version 1.9.0, HELLA Aglaia’s public transport customers benefit from an even more precise entry and exit tracking as well as an optimized camera calibration.

The new intelligent start-stop-detection is a simple and low-cost alternative to door contacts. Leveraging information from the integrated acceleration sensor and artificial intelligence, the function detects acceleration, deceleration, and standstill. This allows to restrict the recording of video data to stops at bus or train stations and helps to avoid miscounts while the vehicle is moving.

The update also allows for an automatic calibration of the sensor camera in the already installed People Counter. Considering the individual conditions on site when collecting the orientation data of the camera, the system will be more robust against interference, ensuring the highest possible counting accuracy.

More information about the full scope of version 1.9.0 is available in the download section of this website. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support or the sales team.