Industry Smart Spaces
Task Analysis of customer behavior for market research purposes
Challenge Installation of sensors as part of a fusion of smart technologies on a large retail space
Solution Installation of a sensor array with several APS-90E from HELLA Aglaia for an area-wide analysis of shopping routes and behavior.

Go2market and HELLA Aglaia break new ground in market research

Is the product perceived by the right target group? What price would future customers pay for it? The key to the success of a new product is to know its (future) customers exactly. That’s why our partner go2market GmbH uses our technology in its innovative supermarkets for market research purposes in Vienna and Cologne.

The go2market concept is as simple as it is ingenious. In the stores of the Austrian start-up, you can buy today what will actually be in the supermarket tomorrow. A unique market research tool that works with real stationary supermarkets and real shoppers. The offer of the markets is usable only for registered members. These were selected on the basis of applications and, according to go2market, represent a cross-section of the German population in terms of age and gender. Shoppers scan the items with their smartphones using the go2market app. The purchase decision is then analyzed using various parameters and corresponding surveys. During the shopping trip, cameras and sensors record the shopping route and behavior. The data is anonymized and passed on to the producers of the goods in real time.

Sensors monitor sales areas and customer behavior

Numerous technologies are in use on go2market’s large sales floors to provide new insights into shopping behavior for market research. The special challenge for the sensors from HELLA Aglaia in this project was, in addition to the seamless integration of the sensors into the overall technological system of the store, the seamless recording of the large sales areas.

With its optional sensor fusion, the APS-90E offers the possibility of several sensors working together in an array. In doing so, the overlapping measurement areas of up to ten sensors can be combined to provide seamless area coverage of up to 500 m² together. A total of ten APS-90E sensors in the go2market now provide an answer to which shelves are visited, how often and for how long. As a final result, this data generates a heat map similar to infrared images, with “cold” and less frequented areas shown in green and “hot” areas with high customer frequency in red. Existing store infrastructures such as checkout systems, anti-theft devices, and photoelectric barriers, can be connected to the APS-90E. The HELLA Aglaia sensors can also act as a gateway for third-party devices and cameras. Thanks to this feature, in addition to capturing the large retail area, the challenge of seamlessly integrating the sensors into the overall system was mastered.

Digitization in retail offers new opportunities

What was previously only possible in e-commerce can now become a reality in the retailer’s own store. Within a few clicks, go2market can learn more about its customers using anonymized data, and producers of the products can learn more about their new target groups. “Many stores lack the entertainment factor” says Perdolt. In the end, data helps improve the shopping experience in brick-and-mortar retail. Recent study results show that 83 percent of customers want a personalized shopping experience. In order to be able to provide its customers with just this individual shopping experience, technologies such as those in go2market offer new opportunities – and not just for market research.

HELLA Aglaia’s sensors are an important building block in the further development of our idea to completely rethink market research for the FMCG industry. With anonymized data, we can give the industry innovative insights into a product’s potential.Thomas Perdolt | Founder of go2market


go2market: In go2market stores in Germany and Austria, members test new products as buyers before the actual sales launch. This provides the producers of the products with insights for their market research.