Did you know that 83 percent of customers want a personalized shopping experience? Recent surveys show that meeting this very demand can increase sales by up to 30 percent.

Knowing your customers is key when it comes to tailoring the shopping experience to their needs and expectations.
While in e-commerce, customer information relevant for individualization can be easily obtained using digital business metrics, it’s more difficult to find out who’s shopping in a real-life retail location. So how can the traditional retail industry collect insights about their on-location customers? Let us introduce you to a powerful system duo by HELLA Aglaia.

PS.C1: Digital customer segmentation

One half of the duo, the AI-based terminal device PS.C1, was first presented by HELLA Aglaia at international trade fairs in early 2020 as a concept for next-generation in-store analyses. In combination with any IP camera, the PS.C1 system evaluates image data and not only recognizes people, but also reliably determines their age and gender. Since its introduction, the innovative system has undergone extensive testing and further development and now achieves a certified gender recognition accuracy of up to 98 percent. The AI-based age detection deviates by only 5.84 years on average. Thanks to deep-learning technology, demographic analyses are carried out in real time and meet all data protection requirements.

PS.Platform: New People Sensing cloud service

The second half of the duo is the new cloud-based PS.Platform which provides easy access to the previously collected data, helping to answer the initial question: Who are my customers? A component of the PS.Platform, the web-based application PS.Statistics displays the collected data and provides important insights into customer segmentation at a glance. Using an interface, the data can also be integrated with third-party applications. The data connections are secured via HTTPS/SSL encryption.

Plug&Play: AI system and cloud as a duett

The PS.Platform is a full-fledged infrastructure to set-up, operate and manage sensors, provided free of charge by HELLA Aglaia with the purchase of a PS.C1 – saving you additional hosting fees or development costs for a dedicated sensor management. As a cloud service, the platform also enables configuration, maintenance and updates via remote connection. Thanks to the extensive user rights management, third parties can manage their devices securely via the PS.Platform as well. The PS.C1-PS.Platform duo can be set up and running in a few minutes.

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