Good is now even better: Firmware Update 2.0

People Sensing Firmware Update 2.0

At regular intervals, HELLA Aglaia offers several free software updates for its customers every year. For users of APS sensors in the retail and public transport sectors, the proven features of these intelligent people counting devices are now even better – for greater convenience and maximum security.

Firmware Update 2.0 is now available for download.

Cyber security is becoming progressively more important in all markets. HELLA Aglaia has always focused on this security aspect in its products. Regular security tests and intrusion scans are an integral part of the development process. This care pays off, because Firmware Update 2.0, with its multi-level IT security system, currently offers the maximum possible security for camera-based person counts. On board is a completely new user and rights management. Access to the APS devices is provided exclusively by individually definable user accounts and can be divided into several authorization levels. These permissions an also be configured as needed and assigned to each user individually. In particular, access to sensitive image data can be limited and also logged if required. Typical user roles and access rights can be defined individually, from full administrative access to technical service, so that data protection-compliant use is guaranteed in every situation.
With the help of a new AI-based process, the ability of the APS sensors to detect people, which was already very precise, has been improved even further. This avoids counting errors even in unclear situations that involve large crowds of people. Even people carrying objects with them or in front of them are detected without errors. Counting accuracies of over 99 percent are the rule with the update. In addition, the recognition of shopping carts was further optimized in order to support tasks such as planning the occupancy of checkout counters by using data-driven predictions.
APS sensors in the retail sector (APS-90E & APS-180E) are usually located in local, secured networks and generally do not allow establishing direct connections from the outside. However, installing and maintaining the devices remotely requires secure access from the outside. To achieve this, HELLA Aglaia provides the new Device Management Platform free of charge as part of the update. This platform is used to configure and maintain the devices via a secured VPN connection, thereby making it possible to view status information at a glance, roll out software updates or call up diagnostic data.
In the future, all users of our sensors in public transport (APS-B, APS-R, APS-R-PoE) will benefit from a new level of precision with the new automatic floor detection system. Highly dynamic stereo cameras are used to automatically generate a 3D depth map of the surroundings. Even complex structures such as doorsteps, stairs, and handrails are included in the calculations. This not only saves time when setting up the people counting sensors, but also avoids manual setting errors right from the start.

More information about the full scope of the firmware 2.0 can be found in the download section. Do you have any questions about firmware updates? Feel free to contact us.