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Our innovative public transport product is at the forefront of the next generation of automatic 3D passenger counting sensors. The APS-R-PoE is specifically designed to meet the rigorous standards of the transportation industry. And, as one of our premier products, it acts as a gateway to new methods of analyzing of ridership structure and flow.

Case 01

“In the marine sector, passenger counting has been undertaken manually for many years. We are required by law to know the number of people on board each vessel at all times, so an accuracy of only 90% would be unacceptable – we needed a system that could achieve at least 99% accuracy. The installation of People Sensors has been groundbreaking for our sector. We will be rolling the system out across our entire fleet.”

Geoff Symonds, COO – MBNA Thames Clippers

Case 02

“There is a guaranteed 98% accuracy for the automatic passenger counting system using People Sensing technology. Keolis has the system installed in about 90 buses of different makes, and in several cases, the accuracy has been proven to be higher than 99%.”

Petter Eistrand, KEOLIS

Case 03

“In December 2015, the accuracy of passenger counters in the St. Valentin region was 99,6%, which is really outstanding and underlines the extraordinary capabilities of the People Sensing system.”

Wolfgang Schuh, ÖBB-POSTBUS

Aglaia public transport people counter


Our uniquely flexible people sensors allow for simple setup in just a few minutes. With outstanding 3D image quality, excellent low-light sensitivity and very low latency, the new generation of HELLA Aglaia People Sensors are the ideal platform for a wide range of predictive solutions that go far beyond counting.

  • Aglaia 3d imaging

    3D imaging

    • Highly automated and outstandingly reliable object recognition
    • Object recognition and classification works unhindered by extreme lighting conditions
  • Aglaia Easy Installation

    Easy Installation

    • Automatically detects installation height and angle
    • Can be adapted for stairs and ramps
    • Automatic software and configuration updates
    • Up to 16 stored installation sites
  • Aglaia Advanced Connectivity

    Advanced Connectivity

    • SOAP/XML Push Service
    • VDV-301 (Passenger Counting Service)
    • VDV-300 (Legacy option)
    • Local File Recording and FTP upload
    • Customer Specific IP-based Protocols
  • Aglaia Customizable Counting

    Customizable Counting

    • Adjustable time threshold per counting line and direction
    • Eliminate U-turns and undirected movements in door area
  • Aglaia Zone Monitoring

    Zone Monitoring

    • Zone-specific data collection such as fill level, dwell time and waiting time
  • Aglaia Customizable Counting Public Transport

    Object Classification

    • Separate counting results for adults, children, and bicycles
    • Suppress false counts resulting from non-person objects

    Video Recording & Streaming

    • Record video, count events, and metadata in internal memory
    • Control recording by digital input, pre-scheduled times, or communication protocols
    • RTSP Streaming of VGA resolution color image
    • 10-20 frames per second, depending on Codec
    • Proprietary Video Player is free to download
  • Aglaia privacy


    • Make persons unidentifiable by selecting 3D imaging
    • Set sensor to automatically remove recorded videos after a set time
  • Aglaia Power Ethernet

    Power over Ethernet

    • Allows for usage in areas without electrical power supply
    • Reduces cables, wiring costs, and energy consumption
  • VDV 457 2.1 Compliant

    • Fulfills the accuracy requirements defined by the Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen
HELLA Aglaia Peopel Counter APS-R to sense clients and passengers


The APS-R-PoE is our state-of-the-art passenger counting sensor, which utilizes 3D image processing algorithms to analyze the flow of people with a counting accuracy of 98% or better. The APS-R-PoE enhances usability, maximizes emerging remote connectivity options and automates many procedures that typically require manual intervention, saving on the costly labor required to install, commission, and operate traditional APC units.

A version of the APS-R without Power over Ethernet is also available. Contact us for details.


Technical Details

Technical Data
Operating Voltage Power over Ethernet (PoE), IEEE 802.3af class 0, Protected against short-circuit and inverse polarity Array
Power Consumption 5 W Array
Ambient temperature EN 50125-1 class T3, Operation: -25°C to +70°C, Storage: -40°C to +85°C EN 50125-1 class T3, Operation: -13°F to +158°F, Storage: -40°F to +185°F
Housing Aluminium Array
Dimensions 140.8 x 98.2 x 35 mm 5.54 x 3.87 x 1.38 in.
Weight 430 g 15.17 oz.
Ingress protection IP 65 Array
EMC EN 50121-3-2:2015, EMV 06 Array
Shock and vibration EN 50125-1, IEC 61373 cat. 1, class B Array
Failure rate 2000 FIT (= MTBF 500.000 h) in a typical railway environment Array
Light sensitivity 3 lx .. 300,000 lx, High Dynamic Range (HDR) Array
Coverage Ceiling height: 200 cm to 400 cm, Coverable door width: 160 cm to 560 cm (dependent on height) Ceiling height: 78.74 in to 157.48 in, Coverable door width: 62.99 in to 220.47 in (dependent on height)
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s, full duplex Array
Communication protocols TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, SOAP/XML Array
VDV-300, VDV-301 Array
Input/outputs 2 programmable digital inputs, 1 programmable digital output, optional USB 2.0 port Array
Door coding Coding Pins to select 16 individual door confgurations Array
Setup / service Integrated Web interface Array
Cover surface mount

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