The highly anticipated APTA Expo 2023, a trade show organized by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), opens its doors in October, attracting professionals from around the world to explore the latest developments in public transportation. Also exhibiting will be HELLA Aglaia’s People Sensing division, which is fully committed to developing intelligent solutions to the current challenges in public transport.

Challenge accepted: increasing the quality of service

Around the world, the focus is on a key challenge in public transport – increasing the quality of service. Numerous studies show that this is considered the biggest challenge by hundreds of industry experts. How can more people be convinced to use public transport more often? More convenience for passengers and better planning capability equals higher service quality. But how exactly can a Public Transport Operator (PTO) ensure better plannability for its passengers and increase comfort on their network?

As a basic requirement, it is essential to obtain an analysis-based understanding of passenger flows. This forms the basis for the design of customer-oriented route networks, timetables and vehicle capacities. This is where PS.Load, People Sensing’s innovative live occupancy detection solution, comes in. With this solution, public transport operators can record and evaluate passenger occupancy in their public transport systems in real time. The results of this methodology provide information on whether and how service quality can be improved and thus passenger comfort increased. It is the cornerstone for a more sustainable and attractive use of public transport.

The combination: APC and live occupancy detection

A combination of two systems offers an unbeatable solution by optimally combining their respective strengths. While the automatic passenger counting system uses 3D sensors to determine the number of passengers boarding and alighting at each door for each stop with high precision, live passenger occupancy detection uses AI to detect the actual number of people inside the vehicle in real time. This synergy enables accurate and reliable determination of the total number of passengers in public transportation vehicles, which helps transit agencies make public transportation more convenient and ultimately more attractive.

Visit us: People Sensing in Orlando

At APTA Expo, People Sensing will debut its innovative PS.Load solution to the U.S. market from October 9-11, 2023. Experience first-hand how People Sensing’s latest technology works and the benefits it offers. Visit our booth 4645 at the APTA Expo in Orlando.

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