Industry Public Transport
Task Installation of an automatic passenger counting system in 68 completely remodeled trains
Challenge High-precision passenger counting required to display occupancy on special exterior displays on all carriages
Solution Integration of HELLA Aglaia’s APS-R-PoE into IVU’s modern complete system for real-time passenger information to drivers, control center, and passengers

HELLA Aglaia and IVU Traffic Technologies develop complete solution for subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn

In order to ensure an even passenger load in the compartments and a high level of comfort for the passengers, Arriva was looking for a suitable solution provider. The challenge was to install a dynamic passenger counting system in one part of the Dutch train fleet so that transparent information for passengers, the control center and the train driver can be provided – HELLA Aglaia in cooperation with IVU Traffic Technologies was finally awarded the contract.

Practical traffic light system for passenger information

The requirement profile included the display of the current occupancy level of various train compartments via LED outdoor displays for passengers on the platform. A traffic light system was to provide information about the occupancy of the respective vehicle even before boarding in order to enable an optimal distribution of passengers. The concept requires high-precision detection of all persons in the individual carriage sections to always ensure reliable counting data for the outdoor display.

Sensors from HELLA Aglaia achieve 99 percent counting accuracy

On behalf of Stadler Rail, the integration partner IVU Traffic Technologies installed the camera-based sensors APS-R-PoE from HELLA Aglaia above each door of the 68 Stadler trains for passenger counting during boarding and alighting. Due to the wide measuring range of HELLA Aglaia’s solution, only one sensor per double door was necessary. This works fail-safe with a counting accuracy of 99 percent. The automated object recognition and classification of passengers carried luggage and bicycles works under extreme lighting conditions and is in compliance with data protection thanks to the 3D imaging option.

Passenger information system simplifies passenger distribution

The data collected by the sensor is transmitted in real time via ITxPT interface to the on-board computers of the trains. Based on a previously defined classification, the current number of passengers is assigned to the corresponding traffic light colour and the determined occupancy rate is shown on the outside display of the carriages. In this way, boarding passengers receive reliable information about free capacities, which considerably simplifies an optimal allocation to the individual compartments of the train. Furthermore, the control center and the train driver always have an insight into the occupancy level of the individual compartments, so that they can react to excessive capacity utilisation by means of an announcement if necessary.

In addition to the gain in comfort, this solution also generates added value regarding the COVID-19-related distance rules: the passenger counting system makes it possible to better comply with the prescribed distances. This in turn strengthens the trust in public transport.

Conceivable use of sensor data for apps

It is conceivable that the counting data obtained could be used within the framework of passenger apps, so that passengers receive information about the exact capacity utilisation of the planned train connection in advance. In this way, the state-of-the-art sensors from HELLA Aglaia contribute to increasing customer benefits and efficiency in public transport – and provide valuable support in sustainably improving the attractiveness of the offers.

To obtain a reliable number count, all persons in each individual carriage must be recorded precisely. HELLA Aglaia’s sensors accomplish this task optimally by operating with high precision and fail-safe reliability. Overall, our collaboration with HELLA Aglaia left nothing to be desired – for us or our customers.Franz-Friedrich Kursten | Senior Project Engineer, IVU Traffic Technologies AG

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