Industry Public Transport
Task Automatic recording of passenger numbers for passenger survey and optimization of transport operations
Challenge Conversion of an existing passenger counting system in a total of 40 buses and 14 trains
Solution Installation of state-of-the-art 3D counting sensors from HELLA Aglaia with data network connection for analysis of passenger flows

Stadtwerke Bonn drives digitization of public transport forward

Since 2012, HELLA Aglaia sensors have been responsible for high-precision passenger counting in the buses and trains of Stadtwerke Bonn Verkehrs-GmbH (SWB Bus and Rail) for revenue sharing purposes. To further optimize passenger operations, the municipal company decided to modernize the existing passenger counting system. In the first step, a total of 40 buses and 14 trains were to be equipped with a new solution for analyzing passenger movements.

The retrofit of an existing passenger counting system offers new possibilities

To achieve its goal, SWB Bus and Rail once again chose HELLA Aglaia and its innovative APS-R-PoE technology. The advanced passenger counting sensor uses 3D image processing algorithms for people counting. With this technology, APS-R-PoE achieves counting accuracy of up to 99 percent even under the most difficult lighting conditions and provides a comprehensive database for downstream analyses. APS-R-PoE was developed especially for the high standards of the railroad industry. Numerous settings that usually require manual intervention, such as automatic sensor setup and remote maintenance and updates via the network, are therefore automated. Last but not least, the technology significantly reduces the labor costs of sensor installation, commissioning and operation.

Passenger flow analysis with modern data concepts

The wide-ranging options offered by the new remote connectivity also benefit data analysis. The integrated sensors communicate with the respective on-board computer in the vehicle’s data network via Ethernet. From there, the pooled passenger count data is transmitted to the transport operation’s business intelligence system, which links the information collected in the vehicles with the timetable data to precisely analyze the count data and carry out statistical evaluations. In this way, the deployment and utilization of vehicles can be analyzed and optimized by the planning department of SWB Bus and Rail throughout the entire network of routes. Meanwhile, more than 250 sensors from HELLA Aglaia are in use at Stadtwerke Bonn Verkehrs-GmbH and contribute to improving passenger operations on a daily basis.

The conversion to a new passenger counting system went smoothly for us and the commissioning of the new sensors is almost self-explanatory. The new technology was quickly ready for use in our transport operations. HELLA Aglaia sensors work very reliably and have confirmed counting accuracy.Heinrich Wiebe | Head of Process and Information Technology, SWB Bus und Bahn


Stadtwerke Bonn Verkehrs-GmbH (SWB Bus und Bahn): The municipal transport company carries over 92 million passengers per year in Bonn and the surrounding area. The fleet of trams, light rail vehicles and buses comprises a total of 282 vehicles.